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A Director is part of our qualified professional group, who leads the project towin a contract, and is in charge of the execution of the project. The director manages the team for the project as well as the clients, making sure to focus on optimizing the resulting impact.
Additionally, their role extends out to supporting our partner groups in various areas including hiring, training, developing new methods, and foreign relations management, as well as acting as HCG internal Practice Manager.
A Director will build his or her experiences on solving real problems in the real worldand dig up new and creative methods to spread, for Professional Development.

Associate Director

An Associate Director generally acts as Project Manager and Acting PM for large scale projects. They are also in charge of client relations within their scope of responsibilities, as well as the development of their team members.
Furthermore, they play a leading role in the development of new practice, share the information, and are able to execute the quality control of the pertaining practice with a deepened expertise on the specified customer group and field of project.

Principal Consultant

A Principal Consultant is the Project Manager for small-scale projects, the team leader for large-scale projects and the module leader for multiple projects. They take on various roles at once. From the big picture to the task details, they mainly contribute to the project’s overall planning and management. Intellectual Leadership, which involves raising the level of quality, from an expert’s perspective, to the ideas and results made by the team members, is also included.
Hereafter, the Principal Consultant will gain experiences in project proposals and implementations made in broad areas, as well as business developments and have a role as Internal Practice Champion for Professional Development.
The next stage for career development involves demonstrating leadership by leading the team and clients with consulting Skill Mastery, which typically requires 3 to 4 years of experience.

Senior Consultant

A Senior Consultant is the core member responsible for the completion of at least one module project. Senior Consultants need to execute a more complex and larger scope of tasks compared to regular consultants, along with taking the lead in developing trustworthy client relations.
Hereafter, new practice acquisition and development opportunities are given for professional development, and through this, a deeper understanding of diverse areas will be achieved.
The next stage for career development requires the competence for further development through success experiences as well as the increase of contents expertise, which typically requires about 2 to 4 years of experience.


A consultant collects and analyzes data, offers creative ideas and proposals, and focuses on the quality improvement for optimal results.
Hereafter, consultants will get the practice and experience needed in various fields, thus gaining the competence, skill and knowledge consulting requires.
The next stage in career developmentinvolves setting and achieving goals, a dedicated passion, and taking responsibility to complete tasks in an organized fashion, which requires about 1 to 3 years of experience.

Research Analyst

A Research Analyst (RA) is an Internship Position at HCG, requiring research and assisting in projects. This position is offered to both undergraduate and graduate students, and recruitment is centered on the winners of HCG Case Competition, which is continually offered. Students can gain a hands-on consulting experience and the opportunity to learn and gain the knowledge and skills required in various areas, as well as check their cultural fitness with our company. This is also an effective way for our company to discover and scout our top prospects with high potential and outstanding learning abilities.
Every year, HCG is continuing to offer Summer Internship experience to academically outstanding undergraduates worldwide in diverse majors as well as graduate students majoring in Human Resource, Strategic Intelligence and Business Administration.

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