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Make strategy work through human capital

HCG provides the best professional service with advanced practice and full knowledge of the domestic corporatemarket.

HCG is a HR/Organization Consulting Company that was established in an effort to strengthen the competitiveness of corporations in Korea through advanced strategies and optimal applications. For many years, HCG has not only developed the skills and expertise for Global practice, but also researched and gained full awareness and knowledge of current business practices, personnel management and organization dynamics, as well as secured excellent professionals to serve our clients.

Until now, our domestic consulting market consisted of foreign consulting companies, thus called Global Consulting companies. However, such companies have been providing generalized, theoretical strategies based on foreign cases, thus receiving criticism for not being able to provide the solutions necessary to solve the specific internal problems our domestic corporations are facing.

HCG is focused on improving such problems by taking a realistic approach and offering practical and effective solutions capable of immediate execution after careful and in-depth research and analysis. Furthermore, along with Korea-focused solutions and global practices, we aim to make sure that our Korean corporations who have successfully made their presence in the global market continue to strengthen and define their global standard in the market.

Innovative HR System, designing the organization and process, performance and change Management, as well as conventional human capital domain service, leadership diagnosis and development, developing excellent employees, HR system implementation with cutting edge technology and e-Survey service…HCG provides a comprehensive, high valued innovative and integrated service.

In addition, we continue to support our clients through our intimate partnerships, even after the project closes, to ensure the success of the strategies and systems applied.

Here at HCG, we promise to put our best efforts to ultimately maximize the value of our clients with the best professionals and a differentiated service. We are here, every step of the way, to help achieve innovative successin the areas of Human Resource and Organization, maximizing corporate value with dramatic momentum.

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